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Why are Root Canals Necessary?

At Devonshire Dental Group, we’ve taken pride in being the best dentist in Mission Hills since 1982. We want to bring out your best, brightest smile while keeping your gums and teeth healthy and functional. In addition to wanting your smile to shine, we also specialize in a number of oral surgical procedures, including the […]

Why is Hydration Important for Your Teeth?

Many things are important for your oral health: Brushing, flossing, keeping the area clear of plaque and tartar. But there are several other key factors that can contribute to your oral health. One of the most important practices for your oral health is to make sure that you keep up with proper hydration. Strong teeth […]

Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Chewing gum has been a popular convenience store item for generations, and people of all ages can’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, the average American chews almost 2 pounds of gum per year. That must be one strong adhesive! With that much gum being consumed every year, it begs the question on […]

What to Expect When Undergoing Orthodontics

If you’re unsure about what to expect when you are undergoing orthodontics, you’re in the right place. At Devonshire Dental Group, we aim to both medically and aesthetically help our patients while keeping them totally informed and knowledgeable about the process of their personalized orthodontic journey. If you are need of an orthodontist in Burbank, contact our […]

Common Dental Emergencies

There’s one thing that all humans have in common: We all need to go to the dentist. Sometimes, we need to go to the dentist for routine check-ups and cleanings. Other times, we need to schedule a visit due to an unexpected emergency. It is nearly impossible to predict when a dental emergency will occur, […]

Repair And Restore Damaged Teeth Using Dental Crown

Dental crowns are utilized for repairing and restoring the damaged teeth. These can also be utilized for supporting the dental bridges and also for restoring the tooth implants. There are many varieties of crowns which are available. The type of dental crown that can be used depends on the condition of the tooth and the […]