What Is Six Months Smiles® ?

Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic treatment. This is a good option for adults who want to improve the look for their smile, but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces. It’s never too late to enhance your smile! This is a safe, effective and affordable cosmetic alternative to traditional teeth straightening systems that focuses mainly on the teeth that are visible when you smile. Those with minimal alignment and adjustment needs will benefit most from this option.

On average, most patients are done with their treatment within 6 months. However, treatment can range anywhere between 4 to 9 months. Keep in mind, this teeth straightening option is ideal for cases where alignment is only really needed along the front teeth.

How Does It Work?

The Six Month Smiles system really brings the best of an alignment tray system and a braces system. This treatment option utilizes Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and natural tooth-colored wires that make them nearly invisible. It uses low force to move teeth in a comfortable and gentle manner.


This treatment is ideal for those who only require minimal adjustments to the “social six”. Six Month Smiles corrects the alignment of teeth that show when you smile (the front teeth). After treatment patients report feeling happier, more confident and more outgoing. They find themselves being able to connect better with those around them and worry less about having to hide their teeth.


This treatment option emphasizes on the cosmetics of a smile. Unlike with traditional teeth straightening systems, Six Month Smiles® does not address the position of your bite, crowding, extra teeth, missing teeth. Fixing such issues would require more time and possibly additional treatments.

Diet Restrictions

Much like traditional braces, your dentist may advise you of certain diet restrictions while using the Six Month Smiles system. Certain foods are either too big a hassle to eat while others carry a high risk of causing damage to your brackets. Food such as breads that are crunchy and/or hard to chew, nuts, popcorn, raw vegetable, whole fruit and meat-off-the-bone should be avoided.

Speak to your dentist about what treatment options are best for you.