Dental crowns are utilized for repairing and restoring the damaged teeth. These can also be utilized for supporting the dental bridges and also for restoring the tooth implants. There are many varieties of crowns which are available. The type of dental crown that can be used depends on the condition of the tooth and the type of issue a patient is facing. This is the restorative dental procedure and you can have few visits to the dentist to get it done. This crown is tooth-shaped cap and it is put over the teeth. The treatment is effective for restoring the shape, size and even the strength of the teeth. It also improves the overall tooth appearance.

Improves overall aesthetics of the teeth and restore your beautiful smile

The crowns are utilized for the improvement of the appearance of the tooth and to improve the overall teeth aesthetics. Your dentist may suggest you the dental crown procedure when you are having weak teeth and your teeth need to be fixed. Even when the teeth are discolored, you can opt for the crown. The whole dental crown procedure may require a few visits to the dentist. Initially, dentist will examine the condition of the tooth and will make sure whether your tooth is in a condition to support the dental crown or not.

How it is done?

The dental crown procedure is utilized when the conservative restoration processes are not possible for improving the strength or the condition of the patient’s teeth. The dentist during the preliminary examination of your tooth will figure out the type of treatment which is required on the basis of the current condition of your teeth. This type of procedure involves a tooth cap which is rightly placed over the exposed portion of the patient’s teeth. A dental crown can also be put on the damaged teeth but this can be done only after carrying out the root canal. After the root canal is done, it is then filled out with a kind of flexible and plastic material and this acts a permanent filler for the patient’s root. After that, the capping of the tooth with the permanent dental crown treatment is done.

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