What Is The Wand®️ Anesthesia?

The Wand®️ is a more accurate, consistent and painless way to deliver anesthesia. It is a computer operated syringe that allows the dentist to control flow rate, pressure and volume. What this does is allow the anesthetic to be delivered with minimal pain. The wand method not only delivers less pain, but also less numbness afterwards. This means patients can return to their daily lives without the frustration of a numb face.

Feeling Anxious About The Syringe?

The syringe is known to be the leading cause of stress when visiting the dentist. It has proven to be the biggest source of anxiety and fear among a majority of our patients. This is why, here at Devonshire Dental Group our Mission Hills dentists have decided to ditch the old way and adopt this new, comfortable, and precise method to delivering anesthesia to our patients.

Benefits of The Wand®️

  1. Virtually Pain Free
  2. Less Anxiety Levels
  3. Less Collateral Numbness to Face