Smile Makeover

Do you want to have a healthy, glowing smile? Our smile makeover in Mission Hills can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. We have been helping our patients transform ordinary smiles to something more extraordinary. We can help improve the appearance of your teeth regardless of how it currently looks.

When you book your smile makeover in Mission Hills, our dentist will study each case and will recommend the best options to accomplish our patient’s goals and needs. We know that sometimes one treatment may not be enough to fulfill the perfect smile. Depending on dental concerns, you may need different treatment plans to achieve your desired result. A smile makeover includes a combination of treatments that is designed to fix all your cosmetic dentistry needs so that have the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. Call us at (818) 894-6411 to get more information or to schedule an appointment.

Benefits Of Our Smile Makeover Mission Hills

One of the benefits of our smile makeover in Mission Hills is that both you and your dentist can work together to plan for all your cosmetic dentistry procedures. This means all your cosmetic needs will be performed in the right order, which eliminates the risk of repeat treatments down the road.

Most patients who undergo a smile makeover encounter several benefits.

  • The appearance of teeth can be improved by replacing the silver fillings with natural, tooth-colored composites and by also using whitening techniques. Crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, bonding, and dental implants can all be used to improve coloring as well.
  • It can prevent jaw atrophy. People who are missing teeth are more likely to have jaw atrophy, also referred to jawbone deterioration. Missing teeth that are replaced by dental implants can help prevent jaw atrophy from happening and can keep your radiant smile.
  • It can increase confidence. A big reason why people opt to get a smile makeover is to boost their self-confidence or self-esteem. Improving your smile to help your confidence is not embarrassing. A glowing smile can turn someone’s day around, so you should feel confident flashing your beautiful pearly white teeth.
  • It fixes bite problems. There are some cases that braces and Invisalign aren’t only used for aesthetic purposes but it can also correct one’s bite. It can improve the function of your teeth and can also help prevent gum disease.
  • It lowers the risk of cavities and tooth decay. People who have large gaps in between their teeth or have chipped, cracked and broken teeth are more predisposed to have dental issues, such as cavities and tooth decay. Although crowns or cavity fillings are not technically a cosmetic procedure, natural tooth colored fillings or porcelain crowns are more appealing.

Smile Makeover Mission Hills can help you get the confident smile as short as two visits to your dentist. From simple teeth whitening treatment to getting dental implants, the various combination of restorative and cosmetic dentistry is such a huge advantage in so many ways. Call us now at (818) 894-6411 to make an appointment.

Choose Your Treatment Plan

Our goal is to help patients choose the right treatment plan that will suit their needs. Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, our dentist will make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and are free of decay or bad bacteria. If you need something serious to be done on your teeth (reconstructive or general dentistry), these procedure needs to be addressed first before your cosmetic dental procedure.

After you discussed your concerns and improvements that you want, our professional dentist will help you select the right cosmetic dental procedure that will help achieve your desired results. Everything will be custom-designed for your needs and all cosmetic dental procedure will be thoroughly explained in detail. We will design the best treatment plan that will bring amazing results. Call us now at (818) 894-6411 to get a consultation.

Smile Makeover Mission Hills Cosmetic Dental Procedure

At Smile Makeover Mission Hills, we can use various treatment to achieve your ideal smile makeover. These include:

Teeth Whitening

Even the best oral habits can’t sometimes stop the natural discoloration of your teeth over time. Nowadays, there are effective ways to whiten your teeth. At home whitening kits and in-office whitening procedures are two options to restore your radiant smile. Our teeth whitening treatment is a quick and easy way to lighten your teeth and give you the confidence to show your smile.

If you have questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your teeth whitening options, contact us at (818) 894-6411 and one of our friendly staff will gladly assist you.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can have long-term effects that can damage or be a cause of concern to your oral and medical health. Dental implants are a good option to replace missing teeth that have a look and feel of natural teeth. They are custom designed to substitute real teeth with new ones that function and looks exactly as original ones which aesthetically sometimes has a better appearance. It has low maintenance other than your regular brushing and flossing habit. Another big advantage of dental implants is that help uphold the overall health surrounding teeth and gums.

Please contact us for more information regarding dental implants.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are a better option instead of the amalgam fillings that were used in the past. It also offers a better aesthetic benefit. this kind of filling uses the same long-lasting ceramic material which is often used in porcelain dental veneers and crowns. Tooth-colored fillings not only help treat cavities but it also looks amazing and more natural like your surrounding teeth.

To schedule an appointment, call us at (818) 894-6411.

Porcelain Veneers

Our Cosmetic Dental Procedure also offers porcelain veneers to correct imperfections such as gaps, stains, chips and teeth misalignment. It can also create beautiful symmetrical smile by reshaping the teeth to make the appearance look better and more proportionate. Porcelain veneers are long-lasting and can significantly improve your smile.

To get more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (818) 894-6411.


We also offer Invisalign braces in our location. They are clear aligners which is made of very clear, almost invisible yet comfortable FDA approved, BPA-free, polyurethane plastic. One important benefit to Invisalign is the that these alignment trays are removable unlike the normal braces. It is attached to patient’s teeth by placing cemented “buttons” on a few teeth. This added ability to remove alignment trays versus the traditional 24/7 wear of metal braces can also be a great disadvantage. Most Invisalign users tend to be more incline to remove the alignment trays more often than needed and thus the time of their treatment process is slower.

To know more about Invisalign, call us at (818) 894-6411 to set up an appointment.

Affordable Smile Makeover In Mission Hills

At Devonshire Dental, we know that treatments can be costly. Only the best materials and most advanced technology are used for your procedures to guarantee that you achieve amazing results. However, we also believe that every patient deserves a smile of their dreams, and we always work hard to keep our treatments affordable for you.

Our office offers flexible payment options to help you with the cost. Many of our available payment plans come with low-interest rates. We can also do the treatments at intervals so you do not have to pay the cost of your entire smile makeover all at once. We can review all of your options with you in greater detail in your first visit.

Please call our Smile Makeover Mission Hills to schedule your appointment at (818) 894-6411.

My father is an Orthodontist who unfortunately does not reside in Los Angeles. I have never been to a dentist other than my dad or his best friends, (who are also involved in dentistry, a oral surgeon and a dentist). I had the best experience at Devonshire Dental, my father and I both agree they did an amazing job on my teeth, they are gleaming white and beautiful! It’s great to know that I now have a wonderful new dentist that I can visit and trust. I highly recommend Devonshire Dental!

Kristen F.
The most painless dental appointment I’ve ever had! Dr. Kaveh made me feel so comfortable and used the perfect amount of novocaine to make my filling & cleaning painless. I’m so picky with dentists & had a few traumatizing incidents but this was the complete opposite. I even choked on my own saliva & accidently spit it in his face (unfortunate & embarrassing) & dr. Kaveh made me feel comfortable, I’ll be coming back for my wisdom teeth removal &Invisalign here. Oh & the X-ray tech & front desk were super sweet & friendly. Best dental experience.
Farah B.

Great experience! I went in today and couldn’t be happier. Professional, clean, friendly and very responsibly priced. They have several payment options as well as payment plans. Take it from someone who puts off going to the dentist at all costs. I was actually a little bummed my next appointment is in 3 weeks instead of 2 lol. Whole staff gets. A+!!!!

Steve M.