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In addition to wanting your smile to shine, we also specialize in a number of oral surgical procedures, including the often-dreaded root canal. So many people come to us dreading a root canal, fearing the procedure will feel like torture and leave them in pain. We are happy to announce that these ideas are false! Root canals, generations ago, were a painful procedure. But, lucky for those of us needing oral attention in modern day, root canals are virtually painless and require very little downtime for recovery.

Do We Really Need Root Canals?

There is no such thing as a bad question, particularly when it comes to your health. If you ever encounter a dentist or anyone in the medical profession unwilling to answer your questions, you should seek advice elsewhere. At Devonshire Dental Group, we are excited to answer your questions and love leaving our patients more informed about their own health than they were when they walked through the door.

Millions of root canals save millions of teeth each year. Endodontic treatments, or treatments of the inside of your teeth, are incredibly common. Underneath the white enamel that makes up the outside of your teeth lies a layer called the dentin. The dentin is a soft tissue called “pulp.” Inside the pulp, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues make up the surrounding hard tissues of the tooth. The pulp is from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots. There, it connects to tissues surrounding the root. During a tooth’s initial growth and development, the pulp is integral. However, once a tooth is fully developed, it can survive without the pulp.

When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, which could be caused by deep decay, a crack in the tooth, a chip in the tooth, or an injury to the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary. Without endodontic intervention, pulp inflammation or infection can lead to major issues down the road.

When do I Need a Root Canal?

Luckily, there are many signs that will point to your needing a root canal. Pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, discoloration, swelling, sensitivity to touch, or tenderness in your lymph nodes, to name a few, could be warning signs. A root canal carefully removes inflamed or infected pulp, cleans and shapes the inside of the canal, and fills and seals the empty space. After the restoration and protection of your tooth, it will go back to functioning like any other tooth!

But, does it hurt? This is one of the questions we hear the most. Because most root canals are performed to ease and relieve pain and discomfort, it ends up resulting in a lack of pain! Because of modern techniques and medication, most people are very comfortable during their procedure. In the days following a root canal, you may experience sensitivity, but it should be very minimal.

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