Preventative Care

Our dentists strive to provide the leading preventative care at Burbank City Dental for our patients. We work closely with patients to prevent future dental problems from arising with our meticulous dental treatments and comprehensive care. Through our advanced preventative care, patients can keep their smile healthy. At Burbank City Dental, we utilize the latest technology and techniques to perform all our dental treatments. Preventative care can help patients avoid worsening dental diseases and conditions. Regular dental appointments can save patients time, money, and help avoid pain caused by dental issues.

How to Maintain a Healthy Smile

  • Schedule regular cleanings and dental check-ups with your dentist
  • Brush and floss diligently after every meal
  • Make healthy diet choices to keep your smile sparkling
  • Avoid cigarettes and tobacco which can lead to gum disease
  • Contact your dentist if you notice any chronic oral pain or unusual symptoms

What to Expect

Each patient will meet with one of our specialized dentists for a consultation appointment. The dentist will perform a complete oral exam and discuss the patient’s dental history. Through this appointment, the dentist will create a personalized treatment plan with all recommended services and treatments. We believe in starting all treatment plans with our minimally invasive approach. The dentist will spend time educating the patient on all procedural details and answer any questions or concerns they may have. If specialized treatment is required, we will schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals.

Our dentists specialize in:

  • General Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics

Our specialized care allows us to treat all our patients’ needs at our practice. Our patients’ oral health is our top priority.