General Dentist

At Devonshire Dental Group, we aim to provide many dental treatments to help patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. From routine checkups to restorative procedures, we have the skilled dental professionals to take care of our patients. Our dental professionals pride themselves on high quality oral care and individualized treatment for patients. Our general dentist, Dr. Pedram Zarabian, D.D.S., graduated from UCSF School of Dentistry. He continually provides the top dental care for patients at Devonshire Dental Group. Dr. Zarabian believes in starting all dental treatments with conservative options to avoid more involved procedures. He works closely with patients to help them achieve their perfect smile with innovative treatments.

General Dentistry

Our general dentists recommend regularly scheduled cleanings and oral exams to detect any underlying dental diseases or conditions and avoid future complications. Our treatments are preventative, diagnostic, cosmetic and restorative. Poor oral hygiene may result from improper oral care and can lead to serious dental and medical problems.

What to expect

Patients will initially meet with Dr. Zarabian for a thorough oral exam and any other necessary tests to identify any existing dental issues or conditions. Through this appointment, he will develop a specialized treatment plan. The individualized dental plan will detail all recommended services and procedures to improve the patient’s oral health. If specific treatment is needed, Dr. Zarabian will refer the patient to one of our specialized dental professionals. We proudly specialize in oral surgery, periodontology, endodontology, and orthodontics.