At Devonshire Dental Group, we take pride in our excellent dental treatments and procedures. Our friendly staff aims to help each patient feel secure and comfortable at our facility. We are committed to helping our patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. Mehran Yazdi D.M.D., D.D.S is passionate about endodontics and has been practicing dentistry since 2007. He graduated from Columbia University. Dr. Yazdi takes the time to ensure that each patient is fully educated on all procedural and recovery details. He strives to provide the highest quality endodontic care for each patient. At Devonshire Dental Group, we are a state-of-the-art facility that is dedicated to providing the top endodontic treatments and procedures for our patients.

What is Endodontology?

Endodontology is the study of dental pulp diseases and the supporting structures. Endodontists treat dental pulp diseases, inflammation, facial and oral pain. They also specialize in treating pulp damage caused by traumatic accidents. The most efficient endodontic treatment is the root canal procedure.

What to Expect

During the initial consultation, the patient will meet with one of our premier dentists. The dentist will perform an oral exam to understand the patient’s current oral health. A complete dental care plan will be created detailing all recommended treatments and services. If endodontic care is necessary, Dr. Yazdi will spend time with the patient to identify, diagnose and treat the dental issue presented. Our entire team works closely to help our patients restore their oral health and keep their smiles healthy.