What Is The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (Lanap™) ?

LANAP™ is of the newest FDA-approved procedure used to treat periodontal disease using the latest PerioLase MVP-7™ Nd:YAG laser. What sets this laser apart from other dental lasers is that unlike other lasers, the PerioLase™ was invented to specifically accomplish the laser assisted new attachment procedure. The PerioLase™ delivers a specific amount of energy for treatment using digitally controlled pulse durations. This new technology is very precise, right down to the microseconds. This allows your Mission Hills dentist to accurately control and record the pulse pressure used during treatment, leaving patients with the least amount of pain.

Lanap™ To Treat Periodontal (Gum) Disease

When you suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, LANAP™ offers you a corrective cosmetic treatment option that is less invasive, affordable, and more comfortable. The results are comparable to bone grafting.

This procedure allows your Mission Hills dentist to preserve most of  healthy tissues around the teeth compared to other procedures that require traditional flap access. Like any periodontal treatment, there will be some inflammation remaining after the procedure caused by the disease process. As the inflammation subsides, you can expect some shrinkage of surrounding soft tissues. LANAP™ helps minimize shrinkage due to the fact that only the unhealthy tissue is removed.

LANAP™ is available to patients in one of two ways. There is the full mouth treatment option. With this option, the treatment is done in one sitting. The other LANAP™ treatment option is done in two half mouth procedures, which is split over two Mission Hills dentist visits. Each visit is less than one month apart. The full mouth treatment option can reduce surgical procedure time by approximately 50 percent! The “one-sitting” option is known to be the most comfortable and is done under conscious sedation.

Periodontal Maintenance With Lanap™️

Periodontal maintenance with LANAP™ is required every three months at our Mission Hills dentist office as part of your follow-up process. This process will proceed for first 12 months after surgery. During your 12-month maintenance visit, our Mission Hills dentist will perform a complete periodontal examination and adjust your bite as needed.